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Main Reasons Why National Unity Should Be Protected

For a nation to grow and thrive, everyone needs to put in the weight. This means that people need to work together in peace and harmony to ensure that the state and the country as a whole are thriving. Being a good citizen means that you are among those people who fight to protect national unity. Doing this has several benefits. To understand the benefits, you need to first understand what nationality unity is. So, national unity is simply the strength that binds people together. With this kind of bond, no matter what happens, people will always put each other first and work together to protect their own country. The advantages of national unity areas outlined in the paragraphs below.

Protection of Peace
This is the first and most important benefit of promoting national unity. In every country, people living peacefully is important. When these were among the people it is impossible to unite. Hence, you will always find that if a country or a state has an enemy, they are always going to look for a time when the nation is divided for them to disrupt the peace. When people are divided, coming together to defeat a common enemy might look like an impossible task. Peace is important and when people are united, it becomes easier to protect it.

Promotes Integrity
Another benefit of national unity is that it promotes the integrity of people. When a nation is United everyone speaks the same language. Each person works to ensure that integrity has been restored among people. Every time people work, they work to improve the conditions in their country know that together, they can make a huge difference. Integrity is important. For it to be promoted and for people to feel inspired to maintain it, there has to be unity.

Economy Grows
Thirdly, you can be sure that a country that is United has a strong economy. National Unity encourages patriotism which is important when you need people to feel inspired and to be more productive. The economy of a country lowers significantly when its people are divided. This is because at such a point no one cares about doing their part to improve their state. For the economy to grow and to improve, everyone needs to work together.

Maintains the Independence of a Nation
Another benefit is that it is easier for a nation to maintain its independence when everyone is on the same page. This is what national unity does. When people are united, they become better leaders and they thrive at managing resources. It is difficult for another country to come and take over a nation that is United. This is one of the main reasons why national unity is so vital and should be promoted at all times.

Gives People Pride
In conclusion, people love to be associated with their countries when they know that they can count on the leaders and the people. National unity fosters peace and when there is peace, they need to be patriotic also increases.

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